We understand that the claim of performing floor sanding job 'dust free' sounds too good to be true. It is probably the one question I am asked about most "will it really be dust free?". Admittedly when I first considered making the investment into the system I too was skeptical, I figured the company claiming it was trying to sell me on something.

Much to my delight, my investment into this equipment was the right thing to do, it was not long until the claim that the equipment manufacture made was proven to be true not just from what I was seeing, but from the comments that our customers were making!

We called Jon on a neighbor's reccommodation.  We had tired red oak that hadn't been touched since the early 70's.  His work is gorgeous.  His work ethic and timeliness are perfect.  Most surprising was that dust is not just reduced, it is non-existant.  No plastic drapes.  Just NO dust.  I can' t reccommend Jon highly enough.  A potentially painful experience was painless”
- Bob, State College, PA

“These guys were very professional and pleasant.  The arrived on time and explained every procedure.  The dustless claim is absolutely true.  We were so pleased that we are planning to have them do other jobs for us.”
-The Hirshon's, State College, PA

Better for you and better for your floors
Our dustless hardwood refinishing system is better for you and better for your floors:
- Minimizes cleanup - 99% less dust, means 99% less dust!
- Higher quality results - Eliminates airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish.
- Healthier - Improves indoor air quality and eliminates wood dust.